Institute of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers of India
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IPMMI Members Range Product Services
Blister Packaging Machines. PET Bottles Mono-Block Filing Lines.
Bulk Bag Filling and Sealing Machines. PET Blowing-Filling-Capping in One Unit as a block.
Capsule Manufacturing / Filling Machines. Process Control Equipments for various Packaging Machines.
Cartoning Machines. Process Control Systems(Flexible Touch Solutions, IPCs, PLCs).
Compression Moulding Technology For Closure Manufacturing. Pulp Moulding, Composite Containers, Fibre Drums Manufacturing Machines .
Corrugated Board/Box Manufacturing Machines. Sealing Machines (Paper Bags / sacks, Flexible Bags, Flexible Pouches).
FFS-Horizontal / Vertical - Machines including Gas Flush / Aseptic Filling. Stand Up pouch Making, Filling & Sealing Machines.
Filling , Closing & Labelling Machines. Stand up / Retort Pouches and General & Speciality Caps/Closures/Dispensers, Filling Machines.
Flow warp Machines. Stretch & Shrink Packaging Machines.
Injection Moulding (Caps / Closures) Machines. Thermoforming, Filling, Gas Flush Machines.
Label Folders and Inserters. Thermoform / Paper Cup Sealing Machines.
Labelling Machines. Testing& Q.C Equipments.
Line to Manufacture Metal Closures (Crown Caps,Aluminium Screw Caps). Tinplate Containers, Tagger Fixing and Single/Double Seam Machines.
Marking / Coding Equipments / Machines and Coding Inks. On-Line/End of Line Inspection Systems.
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